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New York Pizza Testimonials

Krispy Pizza from Jon Carr on Vimeo.

I am wrapping up this project that was shot in early May in the greater New York and Northern New Jersey area. These testimonials are for Grande Cheese and profile four East coast restaurants. I have two finished and am working on the last two. This was an awesome project aside from a few missteps like missing a flight, a possible red light ticket, upsetting some sanitation workers, and almost ending up in a New Jersey landfill.

We used the Canon 5D Mark 2 for video as well as an older Canon Rebel for time lapse. I also had a modified Redrock Micro DSLR bundle and a Libec tripod for stabilization. Audio was recorded on a DVX100 for the interviews and synced in post. The Rode Videomic was used for all the rest. Isaac Niemand posted a great video on a DIY dolly that was used for the "Hero Shot" at the end of the Krispy Video. It works amazingly well!

These were shots before the 5D firmware update, so I have to hand it to my very talented jack of all trades DP, Tosh Omori. He jumped through all sorts of hoops and shot some beautiful footage. I especially liked it when he climbed in a delivery truck and got some "Cops" style footage of a pizza delivery. It was just the two of us on this shoot and we shot each video in a day. We had several Nikon adaptors and used a Nikon 17-35mm, 50mm, and 85mm lenses. Love that 85. We also used a full Arri lighting kit, a Diva, and a Litepanels Micro Pro LED.

For all of the time lapse shots, I had intervalometers for my 5D and Rebel and used a motorized tripod mount for a few shots. This was a little challenging to get the settings right but by the end of the week, we had it down.

For post I have been using Neoscene to convert the footage to the Cineform codec so my Powerbook can edit it. Neoscene works pretty well but I have had some issues with a pesky watermark. I edited the video in Final Cut and did the graphics in After Effects. Color correction was done with a combination of Final Cut and After Effects with some Magic Bullet Looks.

The owners of these restaurants were absolutely amazing to work with and really opened up their doors to us. I have never eaten such good pizza and it has been hard to go back to the California pizzas since getting home. This was my first big shoot with the 5D and it was pretty challenging at the time but I think the footage speaks for itself. I have been really happy with this camera especially since the manual update.

I got some great suggestions and help from Michael at Santiago Filmworks and Trevor at Freeform Post. Thanks guys.

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Reader Comments (2)

Wow great work. It looks beautiful

annnd i'm hungry.

July 10, 2009 | Unregistered Commentertim

Hi there,
awsome videos, I like them very much. Can you write in short how you handled the handheld shots? What kind of steadicam system do you used for this?
Thanks a lot & greetings from Germany

August 6, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterAlex Fuchs

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